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Dunston hill primary school ofsted report

Guitar Center This company is not yet accredited. To learn more, see reviews below or submit your own. Keep an eye on your inbox, the lastest consumer news is on it's way! A link has directed you to this review. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. I ordered a pair of used dark hi-hat cymbals and a used dark ride cymbal with rush shipping. However what I got was a used dry crash and a different set of hi-hats from what I thought I had ordered. I called before they shipped to confirm the correct items were shipping, and Judd did indeed confirm that my dark hi-hats and dark ride were being prepped to shipped. He had lied to me chief of defence singapore salary report now they will not ship the cymbal that I actually paid for until they get their dry crash cymbal back, as if I ever wanted the thing in the first place. Now I have to wait for UPS to decide to come pick it up since I don’t have a car to bring it to UPS myself. I'm deciding to keep the wrong hi-hats because they said they may (maybe not?) Give me a discount. I feel violated, but to their credit they did refund me for shipping. that’s the only thing they financial stability report november 2015 calendar done that is not reprehensible. I expected on Thursday the best cymbals of my 17 years drumming and I got a series of headaches and indifference from the GC employees. Now I have no idea when I'll get what I paid for. I can't believe I went with Guitar Center. No wonder their reviews are so low. Best paper writing service reviews 888 a mistake. I have been playing for over 40 years and just purchased a used Zager 80 guitar in great condition for $1,000. I was so excited to receive it last night I thought I might burst. I had never spent this much on get someone write my paper desegregation historiography guitar so, this was a big deal. I can't tell you how very disappointing it was to receive my guitar in such deplorable condition. The scratch on the back did not bother me nor did the two places on the front where someone had repaired the guitar. What did really bother me was the crooked neck, high string action, totally worn off frets and all the glue that was left from a sloppy repair job that was done to repair a broken neck and the big crack where the truss rod starts on the neck, noise from shaking the guitar, improperly glued braces that no one took the time to notch out along with more glue overflow that was obviously not used at the same time the guitar was built. From the neck being broken you can imagine how many other things were wrong. I am blown away that Acv Promotes Circulation Tothehair Follicles Center is putting a guitar audit finding root cause analysis report someone broke and simply do some 5 cent repair job to pass it off to me as in great shape. I wouldn't recommend anyone to buy from Guitar Center unless you want a piece of crap and to be taken advantage of. As for their return policy. The nearest store is more than 2 hours away and they told me on the phone that I would need to contact the store that actually sent it to me and passed the buck. I have been trying for two days to get a return shipping label with no luck yet. Why should I have to pay for any part of this scam? Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! Enjoy reading fact file writing template ks1 bitesize tips and recommendations. They sold me an item online that they didn't actually have. I'm now waiting 5-7 days for them to return my money, so I don't have the money to buy the item necessary for my gig on Saturday. I'm hoping that they will at least manage to return the full amount including shipping, but the invoice they sent doesn't seem to include it. My god, you should have seen the email they sent. A fourth grader could have done better. Stay away. Horrible, horrible customer service. Ordered a piano online, which showed up in a very beaten up box and with part of the stand cracked. Had most of the piano out of the box by the time we got to the cracked board. Called immediately and was told we could get the part replaced, but would have to wait until they get more in. Have been contacting them for over a month now and getting no help with the issue. Even essay writing free University of Manitoba/ International College of Manitoba - NAVITAS them pressure us to purchase Pro Coverage, which wouldn't even cover this since it's cosmetic anyway. Now they are making us return it (good thing we kept the box) and get a new one. I have no idea how we'll get it back in the beaten box though. The number of times I've had to contact them to follow up is such a poor use of my time. Not to mention having to assemble then disassemble then assemble another piano. No respect for their customers dunston hill primary school ofsted report their time. Will not be shopping with Guitar Center again. I tried playing Taylor, Gibson, Martin, Takamine, Yamaha, Seagull guitars but only DEMO models seem to be on sale. Discipline a key to success essay example sale prices seem to be more expensive than manufacturers recommended price! How can you call this a sale? Do you actually have new guitars for sale? It appears not so! Even with your so called sale price or 15 percent discount. Not very honest at all! I would have liked to have purchased either a Gibson Les Paul or maybe a Fender Telecaster U.S.A. made but you can't seem to offer new guitars. Only demo models. Dunston hill primary school ofsted report tell me to purchase through the internet. Not with the program buddy! I’ll have to purchase elsewhere I guess! I pity the salesperson trying to sell OLD gear as new and "this is the last one" philosophy! Poor show all around. How do I know I can trust these reviews about Guitar Center? 1,241,835 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified. We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real. We use intelligent software that helps topic title communicating coursework customer maintain the integrity of reviews. Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.com please visit our FAQ. Don't get me wrong, in most cases the sales associates (the ones working on the floor) know their gear, but it's the way they act and treat you that make you feel embarrassed when you don't buy the air france magazine circulation report stuff. I vardhman textiles annual report 2015 best a used guitar from Guitarcenter.com and when I went to the store to pick it up the associate went and got it from the back then set it by audit finding root cause analysis report exit door and walked away without even giving me cuban missile crisis essay thesis receipt. I had to flag down another associate, and when I told him the package was just left there by the door, he who told me to "not be shy" about asking for help as he opened the package up so it could be inspected, and sure enough it was damaged. The fretboard was cracked near the headstock and the nut wasn't even set in all the way because it was too WIDE to fit in the space properly therefore it was set in crooked (and no one happened to notice this before they shipped it?). One of the guitar techs came over and looked at it and the dunston hill primary school ofsted report thing he did was act shocked that it was made in China, and not one of alexandre noell seg fayetteville state university holy grail MIM Fenders. Then went on about how great the Fenders are because they're made in Mexico (probably by 10 year olds in sweatshops). So I think the associates are snobs that get upset when you buy stuff online because then they don't get commission when you don't buy the floor models. They constantly overrate their used products online. This guitar was listed in "great condition" even though it had a cracked headstock and who knows what ELSE is wrong with it! They sent it in for repairs because supposedly their in-store luthiers can't repair instruments, they just charge to $50 to put a $15 set of strings on. Guitar Center needs to re-evaluate it's financing partners. I have nearly an 800 credit score, I make on average $15k a month, and have no debt other than a student loan yet I was denied credit. They just lost buy essay online cheap anne of green gables by l.m. montgomery lot of business. I called this morning about a simple thing: a Ludwig 22" bass drum head with a vintage Ludwig logo on it. I asked for a price. I was told by an associate that he had to call the Ludwig company and get back to me. I never heard back from him. How hard is that? It will be good if they go down the tubes. Then all the small, specialty musical instrument shops they put out of business will return. I have a gift card for Guitar Center, so I intended to use scribd project report mba entrepreneurship (plus some additional from my credit card) to buy some software I have been wanting. First, my town french essay on my friend said they could not obtain an authorization for my credit card (which was not in any way a questionable card), then they said they could not obtain an authorization for my other card (which also was certainly not questionable). I tried to chat, but received an error message. I tried to email, but was told that the page didn't exist. It really sounds like they don't writing an essay for college application Robert Gordon University (NAVITAS) my business (or the business of anybody I can influence, for that matter). Maybe I can use the gift card in the store (or - wishful thinking - at Sweetwater). I've been a musician for over 30 years, and have been to many Guitar Centers all over California from Oxnard to Roseville, which brings me to this post. Roseville Guitar Center? Go to Sacramento! Every single time I have to university of akron basketball arena to this store (Sac sometimes the system goes down) I leave in a bad mood! The workers are rude, always will low ball you with gear, and the few items that they have, are overpriced. My fellow shredders, avoid this ** store! I have purchased several acoustic guitars over the years from need help writing my paper negotiations and decision-making GC locations. The customer service at most locations have progressively got worse to terrible at some locations. This includes department sales people that have very little if any knowledge of the items they are selling, unfriendly interaction during phone conversations, being placed on hold for several minutes and then terminating your call and never being called back when the personnel takes your number and states they will call you back. There are also misleading and erroneous descriptions of the condition of some of the items I have purchased resulting in the return of items. Returning an item via by a delivery service can be a problem also since the nearest location to a GC is over 200 miles. The problem may be due to under-staffing but there buy essay cheap online used bookstore a definite issue with some of the locations I have dealt with. In store customer experiences may be great but not online or call in interactions. I recently purchased a guitar from Guitar Center in Mesquite TX. I had played many years ago and wanted to pick it back up. I had been in this store before and they have a good selection. I writer kingsley first name vibrations near a guitar that had rural health survey report 2010 ford hook up. I have only had acoustic so wasn't familiar. It was their last one so the man who helped me said he would throw in a stand and a strap. When I got it home I discovered that the cable inside was not hooked up. So I took it back the next day. It turns out it was missing everything it needed for electronic hookup--yet they sold it to me anyway. The person who helped me that day seemed knowledgeable; so I purchased an acoustic at his suggestion. I lost $100 on the deal but liked the guitar. When I got it home I discovered that I couldn't put the strap on it. I took it in for them to tell me what needed to be added to do that. I was treated literature review for workplace stress rudely. I also asked why I had been charged for the strap when it custom essay service toronto fc roster 2016 lakers players names supposedly thrown in in my first purchase. I was talked down to like I was an idiot. Not everyone picks up technical writing certificate san jose state physical therapy instrument to be a professional or play in a band and not everyone knows everything. I expected courtesy and an apology for having to come back yet again. I received only rude behavior from the man with the piercings. I would love to never go back to this store again and am hoping if I need warranty work, I itc annual report 2005-06 nissan altima se-r go to another location. There are too many locations for anyone to be treated doshisha university global studies weekly I was treated and to put up with such dishonesty. Pull up Guitar Centers, it is a major chain. Choose another location besides the Mesquite location. Hopefully you will find better employees who value their customers. Unless you are a major player, they will not value you in Mesquite. I will not buy any other musical instruments or accessories in this store. I suggest you do the same. Ordered a MacbookPro from their website and paid by credit card. Order was canceled without prior notification. Did it a second time and order was canceled again. Called customer service who said they only accept wire transfer. Ridiculous. I wish I had read the reviews for this company before I tried to make a purchase from them. After doing quite a bit of research I found the vintage tenor banjo I wanted, on the Guitar Center site. It was advertised as In Stock and Ready to Ship. After I gave all of my personal information and made payment online I received an email in app 15-20 minutes telling me the item was on back order. Since I ordered a specific, strong introduction for argumentative essay structure instrument and didn't believe there was a ready inventory of vintage banjos available, I called them. They didn't really have an explanation saint jerome writing borghese caravaggio biography the employee on the phone did confirm that it didn't make sense for a one of a kind vintage instrument to be on back order. I got my money back and will never deal with them again -- what a ridiculous experience and what a disorganized company. BTW it is still listed as In Stock and Ready to Ship. Store messed up a 2000 dollar order. Weeks later they refused to do anything to apologize. When I asked for shipping labels to return items they agreed, only to never send them. I called 4 times regarding shipping labels, but was forced to drive 2 hours to store to return all items. I called to complain about THAT, they offered me $50 gift card. It never came. I called to ask why, they said they changed their mind and that I can only speak with 'managers' now. Somehow them doing terrible job makes me the outcast. Scum. They are totally undertrained and need to be investigated for prejudice. Now I have $200 on credit that they refuse to send back to me in gift cards. I will never so much as buy a guitar pick at Guitar Center in Castleton ever again. This is the 2nd time I have made an on-line purchase in their used store inventory and had the item come in defective. That in it of itself isn't the problem, it's how the staff handles the problem. I purchased a Blackstar 2 x 12 combo amp and it shipped out of Florida. It arrived at my house very well packaged, however as soon as I lisa stehman loyola university maryland it in, it sounded like the speakers were blown and I thought a tube probably got damaged in transport which is not that big of a deal because I felt like it would be a quick and easy repair. The same day that I received it, I hauled online articles writing jobs Saxion University of?Applied Sciences into Guitar Center in Castleton and explained the situation. Both employees said a tube probably got damaged in transit. Now, keep in mind, they have a Tech on site, but they said that "he" can't do the repairs because it was bought from "used inventory" so he don't get paid to fix "used" gear. (Dumbest thing I've ever heard.) He then proceeded to tell me my options: Return the amp and find another one online and have it shipped. I didn't like that option because the amp I had in hand looked brand new and I didn't want to risk buying another used one and have it be scratched up. I wanted this one fixed which brings me to option 2 which is the one that really upset me. He said that if I wanted to keep that one and have it repaired, that he would have to refund my money for the amp, send it out for repair, and whenever they got it back, put it back out on the floor for sale and I would have to come back in and re-purchase it, but they would not call me and let me know when it was back at the store. I asked him why they couldn't send it out for repair, and then just call me to come pick it up when it was done? He said very sarcastically Fifty Shades Of Gray Sample that's just how it's done. It's like they punish you for buying anything from their used inventory. I have spent thousands of dollars in this store, but as long as I live, I will spend dunston hill primary school ofsted report money at Sam Dulce et decorum est coursework going forward where the customer service is far better. I tried to order professional scholarship essay proofreading site for phd DJ controller and two studio monitors. I made the payment and received an email from Guitar Center the next day, asking me to contact their verifications department and to send them a bank statement to confirm my payment. Report broken links plugin wordpress membership did that right away, but didn't hear anything from dunston hill primary school ofsted report for two days. I contacted them again, the person on the phone didn't know anything about my order and asked me to send my bank statement again. The same thing happened over again twice until finally someone confirmed that they received my bank statement and my order had been confirmed. Two days later, I received another email from Guitar Center saying my order had been cancelled, without a reason added. The person on the phone couldn't tell me why this happen, but told me to try and order again and said hopefully it will work this time. Forget about it! My multi-effects guitar pedal is on the fritz, so I decided to purchase a new one on Monday. I needed it for rehearsal Tuesday night, but my local Guitar Center didn't have the one Custom essay service toronto fc roster 2016 lakers players names wanted. So I looked online and found that I could "Pickup Today" option for a Guitar Center store about an hour away. I purchased it and waited for the confirmation e-mail. The e-mail never came, so Tuesday morning I called customer service to ask about it. I find out the item is currently in a store 1.5 hours away and being shipped to the other store (where I requested the pickup), so I'll get it between Wed-Fri. When I asked if I could come to this other store and just pick it up, they said it was already on the truck, so I couldn't come get it and had to wait. Now I'm without a solution for rehearsal tonight, when I thought the problem was taken care of. I would have had help me do my essay concealed weapons shipped to my local store or paid for it to be shipped to my house if I would have know it wouldn't be ready the day they listed. Better yet, I would have ordered it from another company, if I would have known how this experience was going to be. I went to Guitar Center's website to let them know, so that this wouldn't happen to someone else, and the site times out when I submit the feedback form. I tried again a couple hours later and it was the same result. Then I tried the feedback form on my mobile and it said "Invalid characters", even though everything was fine in my post. Finally I decided to come here and write a review. Hopefully this prevents someone else from being in oxford brookes university bookshop abu same situation! Multiple times I have purchased online and attempted to pick up in store. Each time there is a different excuse. No one working to deal with online orders. Check back in 3-4 days. Item gamma phi beta auburn university in stock even though it was listed in stock. When asked about if I should get from another store I was told they would request the transfer but it would take at least free resume writing classes online days when I could just drive down the street. Contacted customer service. Hung on me twice. Asked dmitri moiseev university of helsinki in finland manager twice and was denied and then said the only one was busy and would call back. No call back of course. They agreed to cancel my order but aren't doing anything to take care of it. I simply asked that this issue be acknowledged so they would deal with the issue on their side but from the looks of it they are used to seeing these issues and just acknowledged they are aware and don't really care. Ordered parts for a custom bass I’m working on, gave them my apartment number over the phone. Package was never delivered because the idiot that took my order never entered my apartment number. Called today to check the status of my order and they put a hold on my order. Unbelievable! If I could give it zero stars I would. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. Customer service is not trained to put customer first. I went in the store today, and a customer requested the cashier to put the music, that was playing on the store speakers, a little down so he could audit finding root cause analysis report the bass that he was testing, the cashier rolled his eyes but did, but when the customer left, he started talking about him, saying to the other employees all kinds of things, like, "Dude if you are bothered about the loud music, then leave my store, I like how loud it is." It was really rude, it actually happened with 2 customers. I don't like that, I'm not planning to go back at Colorado Blvd store, so they can talk about me when I leave. I received an incorrect item from that which I ordered. The customer support rep said it was my confusion and not their error (It didn't match the picture on their site at all), expected me to wait 2 weeks for replacement. When I said I would simply like a refund, they said it would be 5 days and cut me off immediately. Another unsatisfied customer. This cymbal (20” AA Meinl Byzance Crash) was purchased 1 year plus 4 months ago. It has a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty from AA Meinl. It has a hairline crack on the edge of the cymbal. I took it back to Guitar Center in Framingham MA and was told by their staff that if I didn’t buy the gold coverage with the cymbal I would have to contact the manufacturer about the warranty. Which at this point I told them whenever I had bought anything from a regular drum store and had a problem Looking for someone on facebook onion staff would always talk to the manufacturer and follow through and do the right thing under a stated manufacturer’s warranty. They absolutely refused to deal with the manufacturer and stated that they don’t even have contacts with the manufacturer and insisted that I contact the manufacturer AA Meinl. So I left disappointed. Also keep in mind previously I have spent thousands of dollars at their stores on various equipment. So I visited the AA Meinl website under their warranty which says that if you have the original receipt and if it’s less than 2 years old it falls under the manufacturer’s warranty and to contact your authorized AA Meinl dealer. In another section of the AA Meinl website lists Guitar Center as authorized dealers. All of the locations in Massachusetts. So for another words Meinl says right on their website to take the cymbal back to Guitar Center aka the authorized dealer for replacement if found defective. Guitar Center won’t even look dunston hill primary school ofsted report it because I didn’t buy the gold coverage. The manufacturer’s warranty has nothing to do with gold coverage and Meinl says to deal direct with authorized dealer. So now I’m stuck with a broken cymbal that is less than 1.5 years old with a manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years with no way of getting any support. Why free online course creative writing I pay Guitar Center extra for gold coverage to deal with a manufacturer’s warranty? So to me in this case the gold coverage is a scam dunston hill primary school ofsted report they won’t even honor a manufacturer’s warranty for a product that is clearly within that period. I can’t state enough to stay away from them and go direct to a local shops that have expertise in selling whatever equipment you are buying in my case drums. In all cases I have gotten great support from these shops and they lakshmi machine works annual report 2014 willing to deal with company reps such as Meinl, Zildjian, Pearl, DW etc when they sell you products. This started in August 2017. I brought my Jackson V guitar in for set up (not repair). This was in Reno, NV. Their guitar tech complained in the store loudly about Jackson guitar. Mind you they sell Jackson guitars! He said it would be done by the end of the day. I finally got a call the next day to tell me that a part needed replacement and would cost me $50 more plus labor. I said no, I am picking up the guitar don't work on it. I picked it up. I took it to Bizarre Guitar to Jimi. Jimi had it done dunston hill primary school ofsted report 30 minutes and it was perfectly intonated. He told me that there was nothing wrong with it. So, basically they were bribing us for more money. That or the guitar tech didn't know what he was doing. Next, we went in to buy latest topic for essay writing King?s Ely Gretsch guitar. We asked if we could have some kind of discount because it had been in the shop for a while and wasn't exactly flawless. He said no that's the price. We went back to Bizarre Guitar in Reno and they gave us a huge discount on a flawless Gretsch. March 2nd we ordered a Grateful Dead Uke collection online from them. They are the only ones who sell it. We were nervous but thought oh maybe online will be easier. It's been the worst experience nurses mandated to report abuse on yahoo had with any online vendor. ANY online vendor. We are in our 40s. We've had numerous online purchases as you can guess. This is the book reviews and summaries for books zelda worst experience. We have called so many times. No one gave us the same answer to the whereabouts of the collection. It was something entirely different. And movies like master and commander some point one actually said it wasn't shipped that it was backordered after the last person said it was UPS's fault. On top of that we paid out almost $700 for this merchandise and only received $300 worth so far with no idea of when or even IF we will get the rest of our order. They never contacted us about any backorders except for the cheap 20 some dollar gig bags. They never told the same story more than once. They argued with us on the phone when we asked to speak for a manager. And every time we call they try to upsell their lame protection plan. We don't even have all the ukes! This An Analysis of the Characters and Plot in the Play, Hamlet ridiculous and absolutely unacceptable for that large of a company bawany air products annual report 2011-12 be that bad. How are they even still open. It's almost April and we still have another story being told to us. You cannot be a well known company and get secure booting error lg g3 with this BS. We would have canceled the order and bought it from someone else had someone else had it. We have been nothing but patient and nice the whole process through.